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Trading Power of Marriott Resorts

This page shows the relative "trading power" of Marriott resorts as calculated by this website. The numbers range from 0 to 100, with 100 corresponding to the greatest trading power as defined below. 

The numbers are for information only, and do not represent in any way an "official" trading power for the resorts, nor do they indicate the success or lack thereof a person might have exchanging one of these resorts via this website or any other.

How we calculate trading power

Members of this website have listed their resort(s) for possible exchange, and for each of their resorts, they have indicated one or more resorts to which they would consider exchanging.

We consider the number of times a resort is listed as one to which a member would consider exchanging as the primary measure of trading power of that resort.  So we count that number.

We then define trading power of a resort as being in proportion to the number of times that resort is listed as one to which a member would consider exchanging, relative to the number of times the most popular destination is listed, and scale the results from 0 to 100, with 100 being best.

So 100 would be assigned to the resort most often listed as an exchange to which our members would consider, and 0 would be assigned to a resort to which no one has indicated an interest in exchanging. Obviously these numbers will change as members add to or modify their exchange preferences.

The results

Here are Ownertrades.com's current trading power calculation results:

ResortTrade Power
Aruba Ocean Club 53
Aruba Surf Club 50
Barony Beach Club 23
Beach Place Towers 15
Canyon Villas 17
Club SonAntem 17
Crystal Shores 43
Crystal Shores Penthouse Villas 25
Custom House 19
Cypress Harbour 7
Desert Springs 21
Desert Springs II 12
Fairway Villas 2
Frenchmans Cove 65
Grand Chateau 16
Grande Ocean 37
Grande Vista 15
Harbour Club 11
Harbour Lake 7
Harbour Point 12
Heritage Club 15
Imperial Palm 5
Kauai Beach Club 64
Kauai Lagoons 63
KoOlina Beach Club 74
Lakeshore Reserve 10
Legends Edge 8
Manor club at Fords Colony 6
Marbella Beach Resort 41
Maui Ocean Club 100
Monarch 18
Mountainside 29
Mountain Valley Lodge 17
Newport Coast Villas 52
Oceana Palms 24
Ocean Pointe 23
Ocean Watch Villas 27
Phuket Beach Club 20
Playa Andaluza 26
Royal Palms 6
Sabal Palms 4
Shadow Ridge Enclaves 10
Shadow Ridge Villages 11
St. Kitts Beach Club 53
Streamside 13
Summit Watch 26
Sunset Pointe 10
Surf Watch 26
Timberlodge 28
Villaged'Ille-de-France 23
Villas at Doral 9
Waiohai Beach Club 75
Willow Ridge Lodge 6